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History – Learn About Hilton Head Island & The Secrets Here

history of hilton head

This may be one of the longest posts that you will find here on my blog about Hilton Head – and truly it barely begins to cover the rich history we have here in the Low Country! Later, I’ll be doing posts about individual places nearby (i.e. Savannah, GA, Beaufort, SC, and other places to go near Hilton Head Island!) and going into a little detail on some of the important history of each individual place.

Anyways, let me not keep you from this expansive list of facts about Hilton Head Island – some you may find useless, and some you may enjoy telling the kids on your trip to the Island! There’s never a better time for trivia than in a long car ride. Get those kids off their “smart” devices and have some fun!!

Below you will find more about the history of Hilton Head Island, and how our beloved island town came to be…


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